Diacritics in PDF Reports

Discussion in Technical Forum started by Roman Strus, Apr 13, 2021
Roman Strus
The names of my ancestors contain many diacritics. I type them in the UTF-8 standard which is in force in TP. They are displayed correctly on the screen.

After generating the printed reports in PDF, all diacritical marks disappear. And so instead of the name "Błoński" I get "Boski".

Unfortunately, both of these words exist and have two different meanings. The user of such a report sees an obvious error in the genealogy: a completely different person than in reality was entered.

Please, support TP to urgently fix this bug. I just want to inform you that I have already informed Technical Support on this matter several times via the contact form - without any answer.

Roman Strus
Almost one month without reply from TribalPages.

What can I do else?