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Discussion in Technical Forum started by Joan Salmon, May 23, 2021
Joan Salmon
I uploaded some photos to one of my "stories" pages and chose the appropriate album for them to appear in...however when I select the album the photos are not there although they are still on story. How do I get them to show in the album ?
Linda May Rumble
Hello Joan,

Note that I did send you a detailed reply about how the Photos and Stories work with profile images, but I see over 2 weeks later that my reply has still not been posted on this thread.

I hope you got my reply to your email.

Briefly, a photo added to a Story will only be visible there. A better way is to go to any 'Profile' with photos on your Tree that your Story relates to (after your story has been posted) and you will see a pull down 'Story Menu' in the 'Edit' section of each Profile Photo. If you click to add the relevant story there - your image will be added to your Story and the image will also become a link to the relevant person on your Tree in that story. Many images can be added to each story for different people on your Tree. Hope that helps.

Will this reply ever get to you or be posted to this thread???

I hope so, but I certainly won't be holding my breath!

NOTE TO TP: I am taking Screen Shots this time as PROOF that I am doing my utmost to help fellow Members in your deplorable absence.
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