Many photos are now mis-lnked

Discussion in Technical Forum started by Larry Whitsell, Jun 9, 11:42 AM
Larry Whitsell
After uploading and updated GEDCOM many of my photos are mislinked. One of many examples is indicated below. Related link shows me with no pictures. Related image shows my photos linked to wrong person
Related Link:Click Here

No clue about the linking. Someone the other day told me if you've changed the spelling of someone's name that could ruin the links, but other than that, I don't know an answer for you. Good luck though. Could I ask you a question. You've done such a nice job with the color coding. I've not made use of it; but one day something popped up and selected like two, but wonder is there an option to do ancestors vs descendants? AND how do you edit the color coding? I didn't do it right, but can't see how to fix it. Figured you might know since you've done so much of it.
Floyd T Jones Jr
Experiencing the same problem/issue.