Please fix Error tool + LIVING criteria

Discussion in Feature Requests Forum started by Blumstein, Jan 5, 2020
I just discovered a bunch of people in one of my trees whose children were all born before 1900, who were all marked as LIVING at tribalpages because I had no years for marriage, birth or death on the people.

And the error checking utility does not have a way to look for those errors. There should be an option to check for CHILDREN born BEFORE a certain YEAR.

Another thing to consider is to make sure that tribalpages itself checks to make sure that parents of children born before some year - maybe 1920 - are automatically marked as DECEASED when gedcoms are uploaded. Other family tree sites do that, TP should as well when you can take the time to code it.

I do know the solution on my end is to fix things on my local computer and then re-upload a revised gedcom, but it would help a lot if the Error Tool also double checked my work.