SUBS PD via paypal 16/6 /20 - A/C LOCKED

Discussion in Feature Requests Forum started by Lesley Smith, Aug 24, 2020
Lesley Smith
How about you update your payments

made for websites here regularly. My recent payment for my subscription made to you via PayPal on 16th JUNE 2020, has still not been allocated to my tree account.

My payment was made TEN WEEKS AGO TO YOU AND MY ACCOUNT IS STILL LOCKED and I am unable to use it ???? WHY???

Is this how you want to treat your loyal customers.?

You do not respond to messages sent from my sites, direct email messages, messages sent to you through Facebook or messenger???

Please don't take our money and then not unlock our sites. We are held hostage by you through no fault of our own, others than your inability to process our payments correctly.

Here is my email address if you would like to take the time to sort this matter out:

Otherwise please refund my subscription money?

Lesley Smith