PLEASE add merge feature in TP

Discussion in Feature Requests Forum started by Joan Andromidas, Sep 6, 2020
Joan Andromidas
Please please please add a merge feature in TP.

Forum suggestions have been to export the Gedcoms and use other programs to merge them. That's NOT a good solution, since we LOSE photos, documents, and stories, in addition to death notes, burial notes, etc.

It's a lot of effort to do the merge with duplicate individuals, but having to first back-up than re-add media, stories and other details for thousands of people makes it monumental.

From what I see in the forum, lots of TP owners start with multiple trees, then later decide to merge them for ease of maintenance, etc. so it would be a very valuable feature.

PLEASE consider adding a merge feature!

Thaejas Kocherlakota
Yes. Agree on this necessity to have this merge feature within TP instead of taking a backup and using third-party tools to do the merging manually by the customer.

Appreciate if TP could do the backup and merging and display the conflicts/duplicates for the customer to resolve. The algorithm to build such a merger should be easier since the database is owned and maintained by TP. Such auto-merger would benefit a lot of TP customers.